Drakeford is Drunk on Power

Charlie Evans

I am cross. I would like to say I am a measured guy but Wales’ new lockdown has left me feeling depressed, sad and angry. Who would have thought when devolution was breathed into life that a sitting First Minister could unilaterally lock up his people under a mandatory house arrest, without scrutiny and decided by dictat. Mark Drakeford, Vaughan Gething, Ken Skates and the Welsh Labour gang can remove your rights and your liberties at the click of a finger. Do we live in the United Kingdom or not?

Mark Drakeford will deny this of course- but he is drunk on power. He and his mates will claim that he’s doing us all a favour in the name of “public health”. That’s because in this little closed circle, made up of people full of their own self-importance, they are not attuned with the people their decisions truly impact. It won’t be his job that is put onto the economic bonfire- it’s the shopworkers in Aberystwyth who now find themselves out of a job because of a virus that has barely touched the town. It’s the hotelier in Narberth who has put their entire life’s work into their business only to be stripped of its customers and forced to close. It’s the student who has just arrived in Cardiff University and now told they can’t go back home. It’s the young barber who came to this country to make a better life for himself only to be told he has to close. It’s the cancer patient whose prognosis has worsened, and things were getting better, but now the situation worsens. The priest who can no longer tend to his flock. These are the forgotten people, the little people who these power-craven fools can exert power over.

“But lockdown was inevitable!” they will say. Absolute piffle. Where were the lockdowns by ward level? Where is the proper tracing and test results delivered within 24 hours? Where is the shielding to protect the genuinely vulnerable? Instead, the Welsh Labour Government has wielded the full totalitarian power of the state and mandated us to stay at home.

In this little closed circle, made up of people full of their own self-importance, they are not attuned with the people their decisions truly impact.

Charlie Evans

Where is the engagement with elected members of the Senedd? Instead we have a government that leaks so much it makes a local authority public urinal look well-plumbed- to the media and to different interest groups. We now learn of the dismantling of human freedoms on Twitter.

And beware- if these autocrats can do this for 17 days, believe you me they will happily do it for longer even if doesn’t work.

It is truly terrifying how normal and easy this has become. Governments now don’t need to provide any evidence to close your business, your church, your local high street, your social interactions. This is the “new normal”. I am no conspiracy theorist- but I am truly terrified by what Drakeford is doing to our nation.

This Welsh Government is out of ideas, power-mad and is signalling the death knell of civil society. It will take the Welsh public to wrestle power from them. They have lost control over Coronavirus so now they seek to control us.

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