The Sunday Diary

Charlie Evans

Immediately after writing my last diary piece I attended my local church for the first time since the beginning of lockdown- church in person that is. It was both beautiful and bleak- beautiful in that congregants had returned to the magnificent St Michael’s Church in Aberystwyth and finally I saw the actual faces of fellow believers as opposed to the pixelated Zoom form. But also bleak at the ridiculous regulations that are restricting the free expression of worship. I am afraid I am one of those weird charismatics who enjoys raising their arms in worship and projecting my voice across the pews through song. The vicar proceeded to say that songs would be played but we couldn’t sing. Quite extraordinary I thought given we were masked up- the very reason we couldn’t sing (based on the shoddy hypothesis that singing spreads COVID) was mitigated for through wearing my semi-clean covering. So instead I stomped my foot, waved my arms and I must confess I did sing so quietly that nobody could hear which would have had me escorted out the side-door or reported to the police. Jesus forgives the worst of sinners.

Welsh Government imposed more county-wide restrictions, now keeping nearly 80% of Wales’ people LA-bound. The UK Government ha dsone the same on the Mersey and the North-East. Undoubtedly cases in Wales are increasing but I cannot help but think this response is ridiculously disproportionate, with only 18 deaths in the last five weeks. In my own work setting, customers do not care for the two-metre social distancing anymore- face coverings seem to give people a new-found confidence. I prefer mask compliance to social distancing compliance. But hand washing plus tracing plus social distancing plus 10pm pub closures plus masks plus local lockdowns feels a silly overreaction. COVID is here to stay and increasingly more backbench Tory MPs are speaking out. I don’t envy Boris, Drakeford or the Chipmeister General- these are hard times with hard trade-offs- but the balance is wrong.

Well that presidential debate was ridiculously absurd, or absurdly ridiculous whichever way you wish to order your adjectives. Trump is a foul-mouthed bully and Biden just isn’t a president-in-waiting, four years too late to all this. He described Antifa as an “idea” rather than the juvenile looters and extreme ideologues they are. How this brilliant country came to this is rather quite sad- the world needs a strong America championing freedom, liberty, democracy and standing up to global tyrants. Britain must step into the void- or we should MAGBA- Make America Great Britain Again.

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