The Sunday Diary

Charlie Evans

On Saturday night, FBPE, 3.5%, Blairites and the Momentumite Left went into a complete meltdown as details emerged of plans to make Charles Moore BBC Chairman and Paul Dacre head of Ofcom. “This is 1930s Germany!” decried one Twitter user, Dom Cummings akin to Joseph Goebells’ Nazi propaganda operation. The truth is- the Left have always been strategic in stuffing national institutions with their people. Cameron failed to get his people in but this is the first sign that the cosy consensus of institutions like the BBC will be radically changed. Charles Moore by the way is not exactly a Johnson acolyte- his weekly diary in The Spectator frequently rubbishes his Government, but the appointments will certainly seek to reform these institutions to better reflect the country. Tories have oft been accused of being good at winning elections but not doing much beyond that- perhaps we are seeing a move to shift the cultural landscape to better reflect Britain.

This week saw 10pm closures instituted on pubs and bars across the United Kingdom. Don’t ask for the science behind such a move- it doesn’t exist. And what came as a real shock, we saw images and videos of hundreds of punters all piling into the streets at 10pm looking to grab the nearest taxi or form impromptu parties in city and town centres. All painfully predictable of course and doesn’t exactly rubbish the concerns that politicians aren’t in touch with ordinary people. In Scotland, students who have just descended in their droves to cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow have even been banned from the pubs by the Queen of Scots Nicola Sturgeon. What the difference is between a 19-year old electrician and a student is anyone’s guess. But if her authoritarian tendencies couldn’t get any worse, she now threatens to keep them stuck in their university halls over Christmas. A generation of students that will face even direr job prospects than they did last year; their social lives and university experience ruined and hardly affected by COVID punished yet further by boring technocrats. You cannot blame them for flouting the rules.

There’s been a curious case of some Welsh Conservative pro-independence Twitter accounts cropping up. One cropped up and gained traction, and then came another claiming the other were saboteurs. Good start lads…but why are they hiding behind anonymity? Alarm bells went off in my head that they were actually just Plaid Nationalists in disguise. They claim they would get kicked out of the Tory Party. Probably. And deservedly so. It is the Conservative and Unionist Party for a reason. Of course you can hold to conservative values and support independence but to be a Conservative and Separatist is impossible. There are parties like Gwlad who will welcome them with open arms- and good luck to them.

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